Wedding pictures!

All photo and editing credit goes to the amazing Jonathan Baek! As you can see, he did a fantastic job, so go check out his other work at! At the moment he’s based in Queens, so if you’re in need of great photos, give him a call.

Tom, Jon, and I became friends back in college at SUNY Geneseo where we all met in InterVarsity. Since then, I have always admired his wonderful photography skills, from our IV powderpuff games to the amazing sunrise on Conesus Lake. Jon was my absolute first choice when Tom and I got engaged, especially since he has photographed a number of weddings of couples also from Geneseo.

So here’s a HUGE thank you to you, Jon – I’m so glad you were with us on our big day, not only as our photographer, but also as our friend.

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2 Responses to “Wedding pictures!”

  1. Pictures–Beautiful. The wedding–Beautiful. The couple–Beautiful. The day–Beautiful. One way to keep everyday Beautiful–GOD. Thank you Tom for loving God so much you made a commitment to Him to love Holliday in a God honoring manner. Remember, even when God’s ways don’t match up with your daily plans, you still Love Him. Remember, even when Holliday’s ways don’t match up with your daily plans, you still love her!! Holiday, God has certainly provided you with a wonderful man (I got one too!) Make everyday special for Tom and you will reap a lifetime of pure joy. Congratulations.

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