John and Tom 2


Tom and John met in high school, notable achievements including a fiasco with 2,000 crickets in their senior year along with Tony. John destroys the bad guys and eats donuts as part of New York's Finest, the NYPD.

    Tony and Tom 2


    Buds since 7th grade, routinely getting kicked out of English class together, they went on to routinely get kicked out of band class in high school. You can always trust drummers to be trouble makers.

      Tom and Jim


      Tom and Jim busted onto the scene in 2004 as part of the high-energy band Exhausted. In 2010 they formed Rootbuzz, a software startup, and have been geeking out ever since.

        Tom and Matt


        Tom and Matt were roommates at Geneseo and took part in many shenanigans together, they wasted no time in getting down to business and became president and vice president of their residence hall council. Notable achievements included ganging up on Courtney with pillows, being a formidable force in food eating competitions and running through the halls dressed as whoopee cushions.



          Ryan and Tom became friends in high school, meeting through the awesome Jim and growing their bond as they created one of Rootbuzz's first ventures, the creation of a successful online community for Tom and Ryan.