Courtney and Holliday 1


Tom introduced Holliday to his friend Courtney during a movie night at his suite and their friendship was instant. Courtney and Holliday share a love of watching and playing sports, so they quickly bonded over their mutual support of the Buffalo Sabres and Buffalo Bills, as well as their enjoyment of participating in powderpuff games and kickboxing classes.

The two also both participated in the InterVarsity Christian Fellowship at Geneseo and have been challenging each other in their faith through weekly devotionals together.

    Holliday and Becky fall 2010


    Becky and Holliday have been friends since high school, were roommates at Geneseo, and became involved in InterVarsity together. Their shenanigans are too numerous to count.

      Megan and Holliday NYE


      Although their moms knew each other "way back when," Megan and Holliday became friends on their own back in elementary school where they caused mischief flipping pencils from desks. They remained friends throughout middle and high school and played tennis and volleyball together. They really enjoy dancing in bathrooms together.

        Michelle and Holliday Titanic


        Michelle and Holliday met in middle school and quickly bonded while participating in drama club and school musicals. They also participated in summer musicals together where they defied the odds of friendship between characters in West Side Story and Titanic.

        Behind the curtains, Shark Girl #200 (Holliday) and a Jet Girl named Minnie (Michelle), hung out and did their hair and makeup together. In Titanic, Edith Corse Evans (Michelle), a 1st class passenger, and German Woman (Holliday), a 3rd class passenger, actually conversed and boarded the ship together.

          Jenna and Holliday gmas


          Jenna and Holliday met back in kindergarten in Mrs. Marino's class. Although they were in the same schools, it wasn't until high school that they became really close as we played on the tennis team and shared the same friend group. Since high school, Holliday has attended many bonfires at Jenna's house making s'mores, burning Jenna's college homework, and dancing in the garah (hard "H"), among other things.